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The TKO Spell-outs

True Kings Only by Bgn & Raels The Krazy Ones by Bgn took 2 nights to finish I ran out of paint the first night. The Kinky Ones by Bgn & Fleks with Raels on Jessica Rabbit this was painted the after The Knight Owls The Knight Owls by Raels, Bgn & Fleks I clearly […]

Been Getting Noticed – The Krazy Ones spellout

if BGN was an acronym it could stand for that but its not its an abbreviation, you figure it out. I search my name daily on flickr and stay active on 12oz to see if I’ve been benched… [box type=”shadow”] Lets start with The Krazy Ones spellout was first benched by Sk8hamburger7 on August 11, […]


[box type=”info”] Dsek TKO photo gallery COMING SOON!!! [/box] [box type=”warning”] if the above flickr gallery doesn’t work for you I stole that set from here http://www.flickr.com/photos/deegoo/sets/72157628495802407/ using a WordPress plugin called Photonic [/box]