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  1. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    how did eroe die?
    much respect to a real LA street killer for years…
    putting it down for otr al tko eroe was well known on the streets…

  2. Josè Doomed
    Josè Doomed says:

    EROE will be remembered by everyone and by his art…
    -I personally remeber hearing a lot from this guy EROE and i just asked my self who is he .. And time passed &&’i kepped hearing from him a lot of grate stuff and i started chanking out his art and he has a lot of grate art … He was a grate artist .. I remember that time i first heard of him i was in mexicaly ,mexico i remember a friend mentioned him … He is a person that put work for the set and he gain our respect … You will be remembered … -DOOMED ONE

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