Spotlight: Dark FST

World Bench: So what do you write and why do you write it?
Dark FST: I write Dark , FSTK ! Nobody else can write it worth a shit , so why not .

World Bench: What crews do you rep and where are you from?
Dark FST: I’m out of Louisville Kentucky , and rep Family Stays True Krew .

World Bench: What’s behind the crew?
Dark FST: Just a lot of good friends/talent under one roof . We are all on the same page . We have had members pussy out of battles and others just do some absolute stupid and un-called for shit , ?I understand sometimes ones life chooses a different path . On that note you’re out ….. if you are not a good asset for the Krew , holla ! We’re about being top notch Professional Vandalizers , we’re down to get along with whoever and just get up and over ! We want to keep things tight knit , we are the total opposite of a loose krew !

World Bench: How long have you been writing?
Dark FST: I have been writing since 1996 , but not until 1998 , I went with the name Dark .

World Bench: What’s the story about getting into graff?
Dark FST: Similar to everyone else really , just fell into my lap . Seeing Graff in the backgrounds of movies like Wild Style ,Beat Street , Breakin the Electric Boogaloo , Style Wars . Just started sketching and taking cheap cans out of the garage , that my Dad had gotten for lawn stuff . Lots of hunter green , cherry red , red oxide primer , and gloss white and black . The good Ol days …

World Bench: Who were and are your influences?
Dark FST: My influences when I started we’re my older buddy Zak that wrote Sek , He introduced me to a lot of different techniques . Shit that mother fuckers still don’t know about . Also Pako,Quest that went on to write Audrok , Rex2 , Jeka , these were all writers from Tennessee . Also down there I remember seeing some Beno tags that blew my mind and some O.G. Tacks stuff ! Nowadays ….. Can2 , Heist RIP , Denz , Skrew , ?I think Bates is the best writer in the World hands down , and Ether is one bad Mother Fucker . Dare was and is the Shit ! Dues and Akae FSTK ! They have really pushed me the last two years ! Hier from L.A. comes out every so often and We’ll get it in !

World Bench: What would you call your style?
Dark FST: I would like to call it …. or think of it as just good Graff ! Sometimes I would call it fast …. the way I lean with it and rock with it , you know putting them letters on gangster lean !

World Bench: Any Favorite Color Combo’s?
Dark FST: Color combos …… ummmm , it doesn’t get any better than an Harbor Blue fill and a Sunrise Red outlined throw-up ! On pieces you can never fail with a lot of light greens and a Navy outline , Electric Blue in the 3-D , and a bangin Pink for the Force Field ! That shits classic .

World Bench: Now I see alot of your trains when I bench, Are you primarily a freight junky or what’s up?
Dark FST: Yeh I love freights , not really a junky tho , they are there so I paint them . I couldn’t tell you all the names/numbers and recite all the company’s and what not . I think that falls into the junky guide lines . Pieces look awesome on them , and they very seldom get buffed . Especially Auto-Racks , so I gotta grip just chillen , riding around . They have seen a lot more of the country side than I have ! Sometimes I wish there was no such thing ! Tons of writers only paint freights , if they went extinct I think that would separate the men from the boys ! I got freight homies , that I can not get to go out and get a street shot . Shits wack …… yeh , ‘ whats up with dudes that just do freights and legal walls ? That’s a whole scene ! Whens the last time you seen $%&* up in the streets …….. lol !

World Bench: I heard some shit went down at Scribble Jam 08, anything you want to say about it, or any thoughts in hindsight?
Dark FST: Yeh basically ….. some shit went down , pretty petty . And now because of me and others the event has been cancelled . Oh well , I’m getting to where I don’t like events . Think about it , would you go to the yard with 200 writers you have never met ? Proll not .

World Bench: What do you plan to do with this graffiti career you have?
Dark FST: Just keep going , and making moves and progressing , I think I can be capable of painting some of the best pieces out there . I’m about to start taking my pieces to a different level . Probably not just graff alone , but with art/graff I can see myself making a living in a few years from now , its all word of mouth . Shits been going really good since 2008 . I have done a few tattoos also , I just need to find extra time to try to new things . Rod Stewart says in a song ” Life is so brief ” and ” Time is a thief ” ……… that shits true !

World Bench: Any regrets related to Graffiti?
Dark FST: Yes , I just started wearing a mask/respirator about two months ago . Other than that …… wish I could’ve squeezed in a few more pieces and throw ups !

World Bench: Any shout outs?
Dark FST: Shout out to you for the interview for sho , good lookin ! FST KLICK ?blup blup blup , Ether your a monster ! And the finishing touches on all my pieces – ?Bella and Lazer , you guys complete me ! King Heist we miss you bro !

World Bench: Any last words?
Dark FST: Peep Game at ? WWW.DARKWASHERE.COM around the clock updates and news feed . Thanks again – I’m out ?- D’

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