Dregs One & Equipto – The Generation Gap Mixtape

1. Intro 00:42
2. Strictly Hip Hop ft. Sick YG, BIG Shawn, Mint Rock 02:49
3. Stay Cold ft. Akil, Rome 03:37
4. Time And Space 02:02
5. The Arrival ft. BIG Shawn, Mint Rock, Telli Prego 03:53
6. If I Wasn’t ft. BIG Shawn, FDOG, Mint Rock 03:44
7. Everyday ft. FDOG 03:20
8. Sucka Free Spirit ft. Bored Stiff, Gas Mask Colony, Kelioso 03:18
9. Sometimes ft. Mint Rock 02:40
10. City Boys ft. Gas Mask Colony 03:10
11. Soldiers Of The Art ft. Kelioso, Gram 02:54
12. Keepin Up With The Times ft. Yoak-A-Lot 02:50
13. Generation Gap ft. Telli Prego, FDOG 03:19
14. Just For The Record ft. Mint Rock 03:11
15. All For Them ft. Mike Marshall, Mint Rock 06:40
16. (Bonus) What’s Really ft. FDOG 04:20

Equipto got 2 songs on War 4

Cake TKO Interviewed for the new issue of Zipgun

cake tko zipgun magazine

Will be running this full page ad in that zine. This time where 4real War 4 will be dropping in the first month of 2009 it gonna be worth the wait. We just got done filming Cake for War 4 a couple weeks back so be on the lookout for that in the near future.