Spotlight: Dark FST

World Bench: So what do you write and why do you write it?
Dark FST: I write Dark , FSTK ! Nobody else can write it worth a shit , so why not .

World Bench: What crews do you rep and where are you from?
Dark FST: I’m out of Louisville Kentucky , and rep Family Stays True Krew .

World Bench: What’s behind the crew?
Dark FST: Just a lot of good friends/talent under one roof . We are all on the same page . We have had members pussy out of battles and others just do some absolute stupid and un-called for shit , ?I understand sometimes ones life chooses a different path . On that note you’re out ….. if you are not a good asset for the Krew , holla ! We’re about being top notch Professional Vandalizers , we’re down to get along with whoever and just get up and over ! We want to keep things tight knit , we are the total opposite of a loose krew !

World Bench: How long have you been writing?
Dark FST: I have been writing since 1996 , but not until 1998 , I went with the name Dark .

World Bench: What’s the story about getting into graff?
Dark FST: Similar to everyone else really , just fell into my lap . Seeing Graff in the backgrounds of movies like Wild Style ,Beat Street , Breakin the Electric Boogaloo , Style Wars . Just started sketching and taking cheap cans out of the garage , that my Dad had gotten for lawn stuff . Lots of hunter green , cherry red , red oxide primer , and gloss white and black . The good Ol days …

World Bench: Who were and are your influences?
Dark FST: My influences when I started we’re my older buddy Zak that wrote Sek , He introduced me to a lot of different techniques . Shit that mother fuckers still don’t know about . Also Pako,Quest that went on to write Audrok , Rex2 , Jeka , these were all writers from Tennessee . Also down there I remember seeing some Beno tags that blew my mind and some O.G. Tacks stuff ! Nowadays ….. Can2 , Heist RIP , Denz , Skrew , ?I think Bates is the best writer in the World hands down , and Ether is one bad Mother Fucker . Dare was and is the Shit ! Dues and Akae FSTK ! They have really pushed me the last two years ! Hier from L.A. comes out every so often and We’ll get it in !

World Bench: What would you call your style?
Dark FST: I would like to call it …. or think of it as just good Graff ! Sometimes I would call it fast …. the way I lean with it and rock with it , you know putting them letters on gangster lean !

World Bench: Any Favorite Color Combo’s?
Dark FST: Color combos …… ummmm , it doesn’t get any better than an Harbor Blue fill and a Sunrise Red outlined throw-up ! On pieces you can never fail with a lot of light greens and a Navy outline , Electric Blue in the 3-D , and a bangin Pink for the Force Field ! That shits classic .

World Bench: Now I see alot of your trains when I bench, Are you primarily a freight junky or what’s up?
Dark FST: Yeh I love freights , not really a junky tho , they are there so I paint them . I couldn’t tell you all the names/numbers and recite all the company’s and what not . I think that falls into the junky guide lines . Pieces look awesome on them , and they very seldom get buffed . Especially Auto-Racks , so I gotta grip just chillen , riding around . They have seen a lot more of the country side than I have ! Sometimes I wish there was no such thing ! Tons of writers only paint freights , if they went extinct I think that would separate the men from the boys ! I got freight homies , that I can not get to go out and get a street shot . Shits wack …… yeh , ‘ whats up with dudes that just do freights and legal walls ? That’s a whole scene ! Whens the last time you seen $%&* up in the streets …….. lol !

World Bench: I heard some shit went down at Scribble Jam 08, anything you want to say about it, or any thoughts in hindsight?
Dark FST: Yeh basically ….. some shit went down , pretty petty . And now because of me and others the event has been cancelled . Oh well , I’m getting to where I don’t like events . Think about it , would you go to the yard with 200 writers you have never met ? Proll not .

World Bench: What do you plan to do with this graffiti career you have?
Dark FST: Just keep going , and making moves and progressing , I think I can be capable of painting some of the best pieces out there . I’m about to start taking my pieces to a different level . Probably not just graff alone , but with art/graff I can see myself making a living in a few years from now , its all word of mouth . Shits been going really good since 2008 . I have done a few tattoos also , I just need to find extra time to try to new things . Rod Stewart says in a song ” Life is so brief ” and ” Time is a thief ” ……… that shits true !

World Bench: Any regrets related to Graffiti?
Dark FST: Yes , I just started wearing a mask/respirator about two months ago . Other than that …… wish I could’ve squeezed in a few more pieces and throw ups !

World Bench: Any shout outs?
Dark FST: Shout out to you for the interview for sho , good lookin ! FST KLICK ?blup blup blup , Ether your a monster ! And the finishing touches on all my pieces – ?Bella and Lazer , you guys complete me ! King Heist we miss you bro !

World Bench: Any last words?
Dark FST: Peep Game at ? WWW.DARKWASHERE.COM around the clock updates and news feed . Thanks again – I’m out ?- D’

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Spotlight: Sege One

World Bench: What do you write and where are you from?
Sege One: SEGE, and I’m from Chicago

World Bench: What crews do you rep?
Sege One: I don’t represent crews too much these days, but RGS, CYA, UE MF, and UAC will always have a place in my heart.

World Bench: How is the Chicago Buff now a days and how has it affected you?
Sege One: The buff here is awful, and all one can do is think of creative ways of getting up & staying up.

World Bench: When did you start writing and what got you into it?
Sege One: -I started writing graffiti around 1993. Initially, it was gang graffiti that caught my eye. I then started to notice other graffiti around my neighborhood and on the train lines. This other graffiti had more style, color, meaning, and everything else gang graffiti didn’t. Needless to say this is what got me into it writing.

World Bench: Any inspirations or influences past or present?
Sege One:
Ages DTE, East TAC, Antck THC, and tons of other writers.

World Bench: What’s your most memorable moment in your graffiti career?
Sege One: I can’t say there’s one definite moment that stands out. Although, I can remember a time when I had no pending cases after fighting the courts for what seemed to be a lifetime. Sad but true…

World Bench: What’s behind the street art?
Sege One:
What got me into this was the buff in Chicago. “Street-Art” is a great way to have pieces stay up longer than standard graffiti on a rooftop along the train line. I think people appreciate street-art more than graffiti, so it’s left alone more times than not. Plus, it helps reach a different demographic that would never look twice at my graffiti.

World Bench:
Any shout outs and last words?
Sege One:
You all know who you are. Rest In Peace, Dept CYA… Have a nice life Mayor Daley …

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Spotlight: Phoner

World Bench: So What do you write, Where you from, and what do you rep?
Phoner WTC: I go by the name PHONR, I represent the crews WTC, meanwhile known as THE WASTEDS, and TCS. I’ve been living most of my life in Vienna, capital of Austria, and painted almost all of my stuff in this city.

World Bench: How’d you get into writing?
Phoner WTC: I started doing graffiti around the millennium, when graffiti had become very popular in middle europe, especially germany. The first influences where magazines and tapes from germany, france and eastern europe. Vienna until that day never had a big scene, neither in graffiti or hiphop in general, so the community was kind of self contained and hard to access. It was in the year 2006 when the guys from the WTC asked me to join the crew, which definitely made the biggest part of my progress as an graffiti artist possible.

Although i try to develop independent styles, i can’t neglect my first influences, those would be the whole Los Angeles-Scene and the Rhein-Main-Area in Germany. Today, i really like what’s going on in Australia, the scene over there really got to a high level.

World Bench: Any shout outs?
Phoner WTC: Last, love to my crew, ENSR, SECONE, JEWEL, LENONE, BUSTER, SOME, KOER. peace

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Spotlight: OMSK167

World Bench: What do you write? Where do you represent? And What Crews?
Omsk167: Omsk167, CSF and Burning Saxony, East Germany, Saxony.

World Bench: Introduce yourself
: Well, not much to introduce. I?m a graffiti writer, doing this for some years. No regrets

World Bench: Whats your favorite medium to paint?
: Not a favorite, but I love to paint trains, but i don’t do that regulary anymore. That stage is the main stage if you ask me. But painting on walls is nice too, nothing better about a nice day with friends putting together a production with beer and bbq.

World Bench: What countries have you painted in, which were your favorite and where would you like to paint?
: Many countries, been all over europe and did a few things in Australia and the States too. Doing graffiti in Russia is always nice even i cant make it often there. Moscow is amazing.

World Bench: What differences do you see in each country you’ve painted?
: Not much difference at all. Sometimes you can feel the tolerance here and there, Germany or Austria got more tolerance than Sweden or the UK, that’s what i feel. But if you got busted, you got busted. No difference at all. Maybe UK is a bit different about that. And of course Asia, that’s a different planet. Look what happend recently in Singapore. Painting trains is no joke, nowhere.

World Bench: Whats behind the name?
: Omsk is a city in Russia, but it hasn’t that much to do with it. I been there in the late eighties, and its a nice letter combo, so i decided to go with that name. Since 1993.

World Bench: Do you have any beef with anyone?
: Of course, if you roll with the same name for 17 years, shit happens, sometimes. But beef is just a four letter word and you learn to take haters in a easy way. no serious worries about it..

World Bench: Now do you keep your persona hidden or you just let everyone know you’re omsk?
: No, my identity is hidden and this will never change. Some know, some better dont know, some should know but will never know. I dont care, its about graffiti, the person behind dont count.

World Bench: How’d you get started in graffiti, and who and what inspired you?
: I got started in the school, some of my friends introduced me to some books and movies, my neighboorhood was very clean in that time so we decided to change that. Amazing time! Well, inspiration, basically not. Maybe, only one name to mention: Razor. He inspired my by doing what he
does for years. Clean and fresh styles on trains.

World Bench: Who inspires you now?
: As i said, no one. Maybe the one i have mentioned before, but inspiration is basically a bigger thing than just looking up to somebodys style. Its your own whole life what need to inspire you..everything around should affect what you do, if not, something is wrong. Style or Lettering, is not unique, everything you do someone does before, except some of the pioneers.

World Bench: I see you have some photography photos, is that a hobby or a hidden proffesion?
: Just a hobby, no proffession

World Bench: Now you also released 3 films and did the music for them, how’d you get into this? Any crazy stories while filming? and what do you have
planned for the future?
: I quit with that, i don’t shoot and edit this hardcore train writing movies anymore. That’s something others could do better. I’m more focused on documentaries, about graffiti and different other kinds of interesting things. There is one graffiti film to come up one day, we work on it. Crazy stories? Look at the movies, painting subways and trains is one big crazy story.

World Bench: Your pretty famous in Europe, ever have any hastles with the police or stories?
: Of course i had some hastles in the past, thats one of the reasons why my partner in crime from Hamburg and me stopped 9 years ago. For a little while it makes you thinking about the whole thing, why you do this and all that shit. We had a pretty good time, been active for a few years, smashed some really nice trains. But at the end of the day, you got busted. This game will never release a true winner. But after having some hastles through the years its still nice to do it. More safe, not that active compared to the Nineties, but still a big part of my life.

“i don’t want to be called a pretty famous writer, since graffiti fame is a big fail.”

But let me say something about that “pretty famous”. Im not that big famous and i don’t want to be called a pretty famous writer, since graffiti fame is a big fail. Of course everyone are allowed to enjoy his fame but he should know where this is come from. You have to know, Europe is a crazy large graffiti scene, it doesnt mean anything if someone from somewhere knows you or seen what and how much yourself write on walls or trains. It dont count if you paint next to someone people know well or whatever. The better, the active, the famous, thats how it should be right? No, it?s that world wide web who makes you famous, the interent supports a handful of writers by circulating photos at flickr, 12oz, streetfiles, ilg, blogs or whatever. Yes, maybe im a part of it, but it doesnt mean anything. Its just entertainment, media on something what is much bigger. Some writers use it for their own, it?s effective to anonymous upload photos regulary. But it simply shows a little piece of the big cake, not more, not less. Boring if you ask me. Yes, its easy to say: this writer or that crew is most active. But hey, it?s all based on questionable and fake facts. I dont care about quantity or quality, Respect is gone anyways. That word had a meaning, but its gone now and forever. Maybe it is because the graffiti scene is split into too much pieces, every single piece dont want to have anything to do with the other piece. Look, what happen if you are new, and start painting trains regulary, hit some danger spots and receive some attention? Well, it means you have to hate and step in the arena. Hate the writers just painting legals. Doesnt matter if the ones who writes on a legal base already have lived their life in the yards and streets. Recently someone dissed Hamburg based graff legend Daim for doing what he is doing, but he dissed Daim with no background. He just send some hate, cause he dont know what Daim does in the past of his graff career. And believe me, Daim got a big story to tell, he just keep it for himself. Hate is getting so much bigger, Hate is the main thing people talk about, when it comes to discuss Graffiti. Thats a strange fact and a todays main law of these so called scene. Thats why no one should care about being famous, cause its worth a piece of shit. I dont want to be famous in a scene full of idiots and strange kids. Im just happy to write and paint. Don?t care about fame after so many years of doing it. It?s a wonderful hobby and nice to share with a few good old friends, ok lets rock the next Question…

World Bench: What do you think about american graffiti? Any favorite artists or crews?
Omsk167: I had the honour to meet up with a few american graff writers, i can feel what Toomer does in the past and what he live for.? He is dope and got my respect for living and representing his life and a true opinion about the whole thing. The founder of something that made LA Graffiti very famous over here. I dont want to drop too much names because i never been for long in the states. Let me mention the MSK and AWR, their output is amazing. No one can fight that crews activity. I believe there is so much more good graffiti over there but this is what we recognize most. Apart from the stuff we have seen from SF, San Diego, NYC, Chicago or Boston. But as i said, no one knows until you pay a visit, look and check it out, without log into flickr or whatever web you follow.Anything else you want to say?

World Bench: Any shout outs?
: Well, i think this is not that important but ok, thumbs up to my crewmates Kino, Serk, Harz, Phiesta, Niswe, Say “Pariz” Aha, Puma and all the other CSF boys?n girls and Sezir, Slide, Caparso, Andy K, MadC, Soten, Tiws and the copenhagen crew, the UFS boys from Moscow, Daor, Loomit, Faith47, my man Break, Take2, Asie, Twik, Trota, Serm, Erps, Poet and so many others i have met through the years. You rock!

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