The TKO Spell-outs

True Kings Only by Bgn & Raels

The Krazy Ones by Bgn took 2 nights to finish I ran out of paint the first night.

The Kinky Ones by Bgn & Fleks with Raels on Jessica Rabbit
this was painted the after The Knight Owls

The Knight Owls by Raels, Bgn & Fleks
I clearly remember saying something about the number and getting a response like fuck it! its for film… well this train stayed in the yard a little longer then usual, maybe the local workers liked it and added the buff themselves known it’s get stamped harder at the next spot. I mean shit someone steal-wooled the black square visible again. I was able to go back and cut back the stamp before it left so all in all it worked out we got the flick and fixed the stamp… but it goes to show leave the numbers.

True Kings Only by Raels…
he got motivated to get his own after seeing my The Krazy Ones get bench or just by coincidence he called me that night asking me to bring him some paint to the yard cause he didn’t have enough to finish. But hell you won buddy yours got more favorites on the flickr hahaha… I also have a Black & Silver The Krazy Ones out there that I never flicked and haven’t seen it get benched yet… Free DVD to whoever benches it first.

photo by Sk8hamburger7

Been Getting Noticed – The Krazy Ones spellout

if BGN was an acronym it could stand for that but its not its an abbreviation, you figure it out. I search my name daily on flickr and stay active on 12oz to see if I’ve been benched…

[box type=”shadow”]photo by Sk8hamburger7
Lets start with The Krazy Ones spellout was first benched by Sk8hamburger7 on August 11, 2011 using a Nikon Coolpix L110. Which was hella dope cause I never got a flick of this, well not the whole train I flicked the first panel before my battery died.

[box type=”shadow”]
and I also found it on 12oz, I believe it was benched in AZ this time[/box]

Benched in May 2011

Here is what rolled in and out of town in the month of May 2011.