Remembering Kerse BTM 3A TKO

Nov 8 2008
Kerse BTM 3A TKO tragically died. His memories and name lives on today world wide. From San Fransisco, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas, to Rhode Island, Paris, Amsterdam and many more places. Everyone who met Kerse only have good things to say about him, and he’s been and still is an inspiration to many writers.

Kathleen / Morgan, KERSE’S Mom
People consider Morgan to be a quite soul. Funny, he never was with me and really isn’t now.. I hear him all the time. I can still hear him as he followed me around the house trying to defend Graffiti. Morgan showed me magazines, explained how people in Europe were paid for their work. Morgan had a passion for his Graffiti…..I felt it then and understand it completely now. I am so very proud of my Morgan / KERSE BTM 3A TKO!!!!! I’m proud of all Graffiti Artists, as I do feel their passion for their art, and Thank them for keeping Morgan up. Whenever I see a KERSE up here in Seattle, I smile and feel Morgan smiling too. God Bless theWriters and Keep them safe.
Kathleen / Morgan, KERSE’S Mom

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