Zipgun Issue 6

just got my copy of the new zipgun. peep our ad on the inside cover, its an illustration of a gangsta ass Gwen by 2shae WAI. support the homie and get your copy today.

paypal $4.00 to

Dub Show 2010 – Anaheim

I went to the Dub Show this last weekend in Anaheim with West Coast Customs and box of War 4 DVDs to hand out. The homie Tloks was also their with Ghost Motorsports.

Cake TKO Interviewed for the new issue of Zipgun

cake tko zipgun magazine

Will be running this full page ad in that zine. This time where 4real War 4 will be dropping in the first month of 2009 it gonna be worth the wait. We just got done filming Cake for War 4 a couple weeks back so be on the lookout for that in the near future.