Maksim Gelman’s Graffiti Life

I stand corrected this psychopath did bomb a bit, with a couple flickr accounts and a 12oz accounts…

The story that Maksim Gelman, the man that went on a murderous rampage last weekend, was also a graffiti writer has been played up in the news a little – but what did he write? Many BK writers have pointed toward 3 tags: Wes, WS and Max.
As it turns out, I have many photos of his tags and throwys from the day long hike of the Brooklyn freight tracks I took while shooting hundreds of photos for Brooklyn Queens Freight. Most of the photos showing the Wes, WS and Max tags did not make the cut for the printed book, though at least 2 or 3 crept in there. I’ve placed a set of these photos online here, along with some history about the spot he allegedly laid low after murdering the girl he was obsessed with.
Most writers I’ve talked to in the last day or two tell me wasn’t much of a writer and had plenty of beef. It’s been a long while since any writer has murdered anyone. For anyone that doesn’t know, if writers have beef with each other, it’s generally settled in a fair fist fight.
Sources tell me he had a flickr stream!

more Flickr accounts



For those who are from New York City, or handstyle fanatics like me
SURE died in the line of duty in Afghanistan on 7 DEC 2010 at the age of 25
This hits home because like myself, some of my crew, and alot of people I know…
There’s a bunch of us writers in the Military and we know the dangers.
Always suck losing a fellow writer and comrade

I pray for his family and friends and especially his homie Faust
Another great writer and tragedy
Sure, you were a HUGE inspiration to me

Mark Batty Site With Interview of Faust

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MookLife Blog

Everytime I visit this site, I remember why I started Painting
If you haven’t been check it out, this is a blog from NYC Mooks that travel

Remembering Kerse BTM 3A TKO

Nov 8 2008
Kerse BTM 3A TKO tragically died. His memories and name lives on today world wide. From San Fransisco, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas, to Rhode Island, Paris, Amsterdam and many more places. Everyone who met Kerse only have good things to say about him, and he’s been and still is an inspiration to many writers.

Kathleen / Morgan, KERSE’S Mom
People consider Morgan to be a quite soul. Funny, he never was with me and really isn’t now.. I hear him all the time. I can still hear him as he followed me around the house trying to defend Graffiti. Morgan showed me magazines, explained how people in Europe were paid for their work. Morgan had a passion for his Graffiti…..I felt it then and understand it completely now. I am so very proud of my Morgan / KERSE BTM 3A TKO!!!!! I’m proud of all Graffiti Artists, as I do feel their passion for their art, and Thank them for keeping Morgan up. Whenever I see a KERSE up here in Seattle, I smile and feel Morgan smiling too. God Bless theWriters and Keep them safe.
Kathleen / Morgan, KERSE’S Mom

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Twist & Amaze

?The fabled wall on the corner of Houston and Bowery has been given new life thanks to artists Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano aka Amaze. In it?s past, the wall has been proprietor to work by Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and Keith Haring. Now the wall has been completely covered by the tags of the most revered graffiti writers from generations prior up to today. McGee and Lazcano undertook the project to cover the wall with the signature tags of their colleagues and finished the wall of with their own two sigs. The wall is now on display on the corner of East Houston & Bowery in NYC.? ? Hype Beast

The same wall where Adek and the homies destroyed Shepard Fairey’s wheatpasting.
Adek vs. Shepard Fairey