Pariz Tko with Cantwo and Mr.Dheo

Pariz,Cantwo,MrDheo Mainz


Pariz One TKO in Berlin

Love Berlin all the year, but in Summer humm is 10times better!

Thanks Base23.

Thanks to Belton-Molotow for the Support!

European project- Graff Me – University of Toulouse,France

Blue wall : DASHE, RESONE,KATRE (France), ZEUSER (Italy),PARIZ ONE (Portugal), JESUS (México)

TKO arrives 2 CHINA-Pariz One

Volkswagen x R1/GVS

Danny Macaskills Volkswagen commercial was shot in lisbon/ portugal?and the homie Pariz One’s crew GVS gets a shot in there.

The writer Pariz One presents “PIECES OF ME”

“PiECES OF ME” is an introspective of thoughts and memories of the writer Pariz presented
in differentt materials , each one represents a piece of history, for Pariz as a writer / artist,
they all tell a story between subliminal messages.

This exhibition will take place on 1/2/2010
restauradores / av. de l?berdade
rua da gl?ria n?69
1250-115 lisboa