Pariz Tko with Cantwo and Mr.Dheo

Pariz,Cantwo,MrDheo Mainz

Interview with a Vandal…

Lucky for me my best friend, partna in crime, part three to our Trilogy is Toomer Graffiti King of LA : )…


So it’s 8:56?and I’m chillin?in Tloko’s room filled of skulls, dope ass toys (which I promise not to jack) and death…He’s as real as they come, doesn’t suga coat shit, doesn’t front, take him as he is or get the fuck on bitches, and believe me the door will slam on your ass as u walk out the door. ?Along with another dope muthafucker he started the video shit and he started Bombing on Bitches first (aka painting on phat asses) never perpatrating he’s a veteran to the scene..

CupcakeVandal: So Tloko Im gonna interegate you just a little bit..

Tloks: Can you do it topless at least?

CupcakeVandal: No dick!

CupcakeVandal: K so Im curious what inspires you most when painting a piece?

Tloks: That Im fucking up someone elses property

CupcakeVandal: What song right now captures what’s going on in your realm?
Tloks: Kanye West Heartless
CupcakeVandal: oh mannn


CupcakeVandal: If you could paint on any famous landmark or building what would it be?
Tloks: The White House cause Fuck the Government

CupcakeVandal: ?Quick top of your head if you could fuck any famous bitch who would it be?
Tloks: That bitch from True Blood…the blonde one Souki I’ll break my blonde rule for her.

CupcakeVandal: How did you get your name?
Tloks: When I was a kid my mom always said I was such a big headache I was causing her Toomers

CupcakeVandal: Whats your favorite brand of paint?
Tloks: Belton Monotow

CupcakeVandal: When did you do your first big piece?
Tloks: it was in the early 90’s in South Central on an old burned down supermarket.

CupcakeVandal: What’s your favorite piece that youve done?
Tloks: I haven’t done it yet.
CupcakeVandal: Dont lie you know its the
Tloks: ya rightttt..
CupcakeVandal: lol

CupcakeVandal: So anyway..hmmm what’s your favorite part of my body?
Tloks: Are you kidding me? It’s your ass well it is in competition with your angelic face but your ass is a good one.
CupcakeVandal: lol suck up…

CupcakeVandal: How many times have you been arrested for painting?
Tloks: haaa too many to count

CupcakeVandal: Do you blog?
Tloks: I do now..first time today?

CupcakeVandal: What’s on your ipod right now?
Tloks: Here’s my top ten..Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm, Biggie, La Costa Nostra,Wu Tang, Snoop Dogg, Dre, Kurupt, Kayne West and Doug E Fresh

CupcakeVandal: Where did you grow up?
Tloks: South Los Angeles

CupcakeVandal: What are your thoughts on graff writers using stencils and stickers?
Tloko: If they bomb then they can do whatever they want…but if they started out using stencils and stickers they there fags.

CupcakeVandal:Can you drive stick?
Tloks: No
CupcakeVandal: what? oh man I gotta teach you!

CupcakeVandal: Chevy or Ford?
Tloks: duhhhh Chevy

CupcakeVandal:Name one Warriors gang?
Tloks: ummm the Warriors lol

CupcakeVandal: Ninjas or Pirates?
Tloks: Im a Pirate..

CupcakeVandal: Blondes or brunettes
Tloks: Redheads

CupcakeVandal: Can you name a character from the movie Breakin?
Tloks: Turbo Kelly and Ozone

CupcakeVandal: Can you play a musical instrument?
Tloks: I can get down on the turntables

CupcakeVandal: Skywalker or Vader?
Tloks: Vader

CupcakeVandal: Wonder Woman or Supergirl?
Tloks: Supergirl
CupcakeVandal: what! Wonderman is the biznass..for reals?

CupcakeVandal: Top three favorite movie?
Tloks: Here’s 10 Hot Latin Pussy all Volumes : ) Scarface, American Me, Casino, Training Day, Forest, Gump, Colors, Carlitos Way,Godfather Trilogy,Star Wars

CupcakeVandal: Coke or Pepsi?
Tloks: Lemonade

CupcakeVandal: What do you think about the law enforcement using Myspace and YouTube to prosecute writers:
Tloks: Fuck the Police

CupcakeVandal: Got a Day job?
Tloks: ya Fuck Bitches Get Money

CupcakeVandal: Besides being a fucking Vandal what else is your passion:
Tloks: 1. Writing on bitches asses
2. Playing Playstation 3
3. Trying to save the environment
4. Trying to save endangered species
5. Fucking a hot girl while writing on her ass, playing
playstation and kicking a bucket full of oil in to the ocean while
eating a dolphin and bald eagle sandwich.
CupcakeVandal:what? lol
Tloks: lol

CupcakeVandal: Boobs or Booty?
Tloks: are you serious? BOOTY!

CupcakeVandal: What’s your favorite Cupcake flavor?
Tloks: Is there a flavor for fat asses?
CupcakeVandal: Yes ladies Toomer needs a new big booty hyna
you should send him pics.

CupcakeVandal: How much do you love me?
Tloks: To infinity and beyond…

CupcakeVandal: Any words to your fans?
Tloks: Give me money