Twist & Amaze

?The fabled wall on the corner of Houston and Bowery has been given new life thanks to artists Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano aka Amaze. In it?s past, the wall has been proprietor to work by Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and Keith Haring. Now the wall has been completely covered by the tags of the most revered graffiti writers from generations prior up to today. McGee and Lazcano undertook the project to cover the wall with the signature tags of their colleagues and finished the wall of with their own two sigs. The wall is now on display on the corner of East Houston & Bowery in NYC.? ? Hype Beast

The same wall where Adek and the homies destroyed Shepard Fairey’s wheatpasting.
Adek vs. Shepard Fairey

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